Stories of Impact

  • "Before I used to think that I’m not good enough to participate with my peers because I’m poor and can’t afford anything that some of my peers have but now I accept who I am and know that I have a lot to teach my peers.”

  • “My relationships with other people were not good because everyone around me had parents and I didn’t and that used to frustrate me a lot and therefore I didn’t like other people because they had their parents there with them but now I realise that I cannot exist in isolation and have accepted that it is not other people’s fault that my parents died.”

  • One learner shared that "her mother got her at a very young age and is now working in sugar cane farms, no matter how hot, rainy or cold it is her mother gets up to put food on the table for her. She realizes the strength that her mother has and the love she has. When she was young in primary she was embarrassed about what other children use to say mocking her mother working in the cane fields. She is thankful and grateful that her mother is a responsible mother regardless of her job. One thing that she can do for her mother is to be a hero in her mother's life and to study hard and to make it to school no matter how hot, rainy and cold it is. Her mother is giving her education something that no one can take away from her. When she is working as an accountant like her neighbour she will build a house for her mother"


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