who we are 1Who We Are

Dlalanathi is a nonprofit organisation based in Pietermaritzburg. Within the South African context we work to provide psychosocial support for children through play by training and supporting caregivers. Nelson Mandela once said, "Children are the most vulnerable citizens in any society and the greatest of our treasures." We agree, affirming with our work the value, both of children and their caregivers, while empowering them to be pillars of support in their homes, families, and communities.


To bring hope and healing to children, their caregivers, families and other caring community members using play for communication in communities affected by HIV, poverty and loss. We do this by mobilising the community and working in partnerships to strengthen adult-child relationships so that safe spaces and positive care is provided. who we are 2


Hope: We recognize what gives us hope. We commit to helping others find their hope, trusting that hope exists even when we cannot see it.
Courage: We act with perseverance and determination to actively bring hope and healing. We have courage to be ourselves and do what we believe.
Respect: We show respect for our own value and the value of others, treating each other accordingly. We show respect for, and belief in, individuals' and communities' abilities to address the challenges faced.
Love: We love and care for self, acknowledging our need to be loved, cared for, and appreciated for our unique value. We commit to loving and valuing others.
Play: We play because it is vital for all and creates space to remind us that laughing and simply being bring coping abilities to difficult situations.


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